The Five Star Chart - HTML5

Unique responsiveness across all platforms

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The Five Star chart is an ideal solution for your website or web application. Unique responsiveness across all platforms, along with browsers and screen sizes, makes it a natural and safe choice for your company. The chart offers far more out-of-the-box functionalities than most other Javascript chart libraries, allowing you to give the chart the visual identify of your company. Depending on your requirements, we have created four different versions, which can be further explored using the table below.

Place and move orders on the chart

Drawing on a chart requires plenty of resources, some of which are not readily available on all platform types. The NetDania Five Star Chart eliminates potential resource issues, and makes interacting with the chart a pleasure. You can execute and place orders directly on the chart, and move stop and limit orders directly on the chart as well. All common order types are supported. 

Select the one that fits your business

Be smart - Save time and costs

Feed the chart with your own data, using the corresponding Data API or make use of our proprietary technology to distribute your data. Our technology is highly scalable, handling hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users at competitive rates. It can be hosted by you, or by us. We host the vast majority of our customers, and have done this for nearly 20 years.

If you are looking for data from global markets and exchanges, we have partnered with leading data vendors, news sources and liquidity providers making us able to meet your requirements

Fully customisable

The chart is not Open Source, though it is close. The extensive Chart & Data API lets you apply your own features, menus, drawings, and it provides the ability to send commands from other components. In addition, you can subscribe to users chart events. You can even add news events to the chart, or implement custom trade from chart functionality - the options are unlimited. User templates, layouts and preferences can be saved locally or server side. Data may be contributed from any source using the Data API.

Visit our Developer section to learn more about the Chart & Data API.

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