Five Star Chart - SDK

Implement market leading charts into your own platform

The NetDania HTML5 Five Star Chart SDK offers far more out-of-the-box functions than other Javascript chart libraries. We work closely together with customers to provide functionality needed for building enterprise web applications. 

Key features of the Five Star Chart:

  • Advanced charting with technical studies
  • Scales seamlessly to phones and tablets
  • Deployable on your website or mobile site
  • Customizes to your brand and contents
  • Extremely fast loading times and data retrieval
  • High compatibility


Chart API functions; 

  • Configure instruments, time frames, chart types, studies and drawings
  • Show/Hide crosshair/legend
  • Show/Hide menus
  • Set browser width or full screen mode, where supported by browser
  • Change themes, languages and cultures on the fly
  • Decide where to store information, or from where to retrieve information used
  • Change the complete layout of the, if necessary by adjusting themes and CSS classes
  • Add/Remove/Detect changes for studies/drawings


Chart Data API functions;

  • Contribute your own price and historical data to the chart
  • Save user settings locally or server side


Supported Browsers (supporting HTML5 canvas technology)

  • IE9+
  • Chrome5+
  • Firefox2+
  • Mac Safari 3.1+
  • Opera 9.6+
  • iOS Safari 3.2+
  • Android browser (3+)
  • Chrome for Android (32+)
  • IE mobile (10+)
  • Firefox for Android (32+)

From the above list the latest versions of each browser should fully support NetDania Five Star Chart as the HTML5 is in a continuous state of implementation by all browser vendors. Thus in older versions of the browsers some features might not be correctly rendered until poly fills will replace them.

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