TRADING CENTRAL is a global leader of market research and has been successfully supporting investor decisions since 1999.  A dynamic product suite combines awarded analyst research with patented pattern recognition, to measurably help investor participate in financial markets and optimize their investment strategies.

  • 24H Global Coverage: A global team of senior technical analysts offer around-the-clock coverage of over 72,000 assets and publish 2,500 strategies every market day! The company's global-macro methodologies have been recognized as finalists in the Technical Analyst Awards for 9 consecutive years and the company's strategies are published in the industry’s most trusted media, including Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters.

  • Patented Pattern Recognition: TRADING CENTRAL offer a variety of technical, fundamental and value-based analytics, proven to measurably help investors participate in financial markets and optimize their investing strategies.  Recognia provides real-time data on live charts, research on all assets globally and backtested strategies. The dynamic product suite aims to find actionable, customized investment strategies across all asset classes, validate investment decisions, and manage risk all while providing a transparent and intuitive experience.

Markets never sleep, and with offices in Paris, London, New York, Hong Kong and Ottawa, TRADING CENTRAL is always there to support your decision making.