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Our partnerships with some of the industry’s most respectable names, is our warranty that your requirements to availability, latency, execution and support are meet

  • Most popular trading front-ends
  • Marketing Automation and App Analytics
  • Cloud Services
  • Multi Asset Trading
  • Trade Allocation
  • Liquidity
  • Trade routing
  • Risk Management
  • Back Office

From the partner list below you can explore the supported trading venues. If your trading venue is not among the listed venues, the integration must be done using the corresponding APIs for iOS, Android and NetStation for desktop. Since Android and NetStation for desktop use the same API, only one integration is necessary. The integration of a new trading venue is estimated to take approx. 3 months, including testing.

The company offers the industry’s highest-performing solution for integrated trade routing and global market data. CQG partners with more than one hundred Futures Commission Merchant environments and provides Direct Market Access to more than forty-five exchanges through its worldwide network of co-located CQG Hosted Exchange Gateways. CQG’s market data feed consolidates data from over seventy-five sources.

The company is one of the top prime brokers in the world, with award winning liquidity and 2B USD in direct interbank credit lines. Clients can handpick and combine multiple liquidity venues, accessible through one centralised margin account. The company offers a wide variety of front end trading platforms to cater for any type of trader. Whether you aim to service click-and-trade, algorithmic, or chart traders, CFH can offer a platform that meets those requirements.

Kx is widely adopted throughout the global financial community by banks, brokers, hedge funds and exchanges to address the challenges posed by exploding volumes of data and regulatory requirements. Organisations employ Kx across the front office trading desks, HFT Algo technology, market data storage and real-time analysis, as well as market risk and compliance activities. Kc is owned by First Derivatives.

With over 10 years in institutional FX, FXCM does today serve 700+ clients. The company’s core retail business averages over several hundreds of thousands of trades per day and over $10B in average daily volume through a proprietary matching engine located in both NY7 and TY3. FXCM’s global success is rooted in consistent innovation around execution capabilities. These innovations include the ability to absorb small tickets across all currency pairs, optimized performance around news releases, and the ability to both execute and encourage the global development of automated trading. FXCM’s scale and power within their agency like execution model allows for significant leverage within the greater trading community, including tier 1 bank and non-bank liquidity providers, prime broker relationships, and technology vendors. It is on the back of these relationships that provides FXCM Pro a truly unique edge within the marketplace.

Star Financial Systems develop and run the Swan system; a middle and back office that can support multiple asset classes, and multiple front-end trading platforms. The company offers the framework to run client risk, market risk, and compliance reporting in over 30000+ markets whilst an extensive range of APIs support multiple front-end GUIs, including NetDania Netstation and NetDania Mobile.

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