Distribute your own data

The vast majority of our customers do it

The PB Server API is intended for financial institutions, spread-betting companies and alike who wish to distribute in-house data, applying certain spread rules etc. and display the data in one or more of our applications Based on the PB Server API a PublishServer application must be developed in order to act as the bridge between the customer’s data source and NetDania Cloud.


  • Functionality to collect and save any type of distributed data including quotes, news, charts and instrument lookup/search
  • Collect persistent chart data on specific symbols, from distributed quote updates
  • Sampling of chart data on any time frame
  • Example source code on how to distribute your own data or data from third parties, including detailed comments
  • The test environment includes a “Contribution Test Utility”, which is an application that simulates a production environment. With this utility you can evaluate if your distributed data is processing as intended, and whether the data is correct and presented as you want it to appear to your clients. Data distributed from your PB Server are live updating within this utility.

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