Mobile chart for iOS & Android

Implement market leading charts into your own platform

The NetDania Mobile framework comes with an extensive API suite:

  • Chart Data API: Feed real time/historical data into your mobile charts
  • User Interface Components: Define studies, lines & chart interaction (change timescale, type, crosshair)
  • Custom Interface Components: Replace the built in components (see API ability, below)
  • Chart View UI: Component that can be embedded in other UI components, or be used as a stand alone
  • Trading Central integration (optional): View Trading Central analyses directly on chart
  • Trade on chart functionality
  • Chart Skin Settings: Allows customization of chart display
  • Chart Settings: Load/save chart settings from/to device (chart settings are a representation of all information displayed on the chart: Chart type, timescale, lines and studies)

 API functionality to:

  • Change timescales
  • Change chart types
  • Add lines
  • Add studies
  • Delete objects on charts
  • Enable Crosshairs
  • Overlay instruments or fields
  • Save chart settings
  • Load chart settings
  • Save charts as a picture
  • Enable listeners for chart events (adding, modifying, deleting objects)
  • Trade on chart: Place orders, view orders and positions, edit and close orders


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