Interbank FX Feed

Tier-1 liquidity providers

Co-located with Tier 1 banks

Tradable FX feed which includes 50+ spot currency pairs & gold/silver spot rates against major currencies. The feed is a composite feed derived exclusively from Tier-1 Liquidity Providers, showing best Bid and Ask from top of the book. The feed typically shows very tight spreads. It has a high update frequency, and a low latency - fully matching that of more expensive data providers. NetDania operates redundant server setups with crossborder fail-over capabilities.

The feed is available via an ultra low latency FIX connection out of LD4 or via our Client API's.


Second to none

Your subscription to the Interbank FX feed include historical data on any time frame. Time frames available are Tick, Minute, Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly. The Daily time frame include 45+ years of historical data on majors, which is second to none.

The feed is available via our Client API's.

The NetDania feed can be deployed for a number of applications and roles. The wide range of delivery options makes the feed a safe and flexible choice for many different institutons and companies, such as FX brokers, financial websites, corporate FX businesses, and more.

Synthetic pairs

Derived from the tradable FX feed, we offer a high quality synthetic FX feed of more than 300 currency pairs, with corresponding historical data. An algorithm ensure that the rates are as close to real market valuation as possible.

The feed is available via our Client API's.


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